USA Tests Upgraded Super A-10 Warthog, Sparking сoпсeгп in Russia

The A-10 Warthog Is Preparing For Its Biggest Upgrade In Over A Decade. The USAF completed a project to re-wing a portion of its A-10C fleet on July 25, 2021. The project began in 2011 when Boeing received a $1.1-billion contract to provide 173 sets of wings. The new wings are expected to last for up to 10,000 equivalent fɩіɡһt hours without requiring a depot inspection and will permit the modified aircraft to remain in service through 2030 or beyond. A further project to provide 112 additional wing sets for the remaining A-10Cs was funded in Fiscal Year 2018. The service is acquiring the wing sets under the A-10 Thunderbolt Advanced-Wing Continuation Kit program.

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