29 Perfectly Coordinated Nail and Lipstick Makeup Looks

Makeup has evolved into an art form, with makeup artists creating masterpieces on people’s faces and manicures on their nails. One popular trend that has taken the beauty world by storm is matching nails and lipstick, where the colors and motifs are coordinated for a harmonious look. What started as a simple color coordination has now evolved into a combination of shades, rhinestones, and lip gloss effects, just like the intricate designs seen on manicured nails. From African-inspired prints to celestial motifs and bold lettering, the possibilities are endless.

Lipstick and nail polish are two of the best-selling cosmetic products globally. Every woman desires to look beautiful, alluring, and confident, and these products can help achieve that. The choice of colors on the lips can leave a lasting impression on others, so it’s time to awaken the artist within you and explore the possibilities. Designed prints, words, and letters on the lips are no longer considered unusual. While some may not be suitable for everyday wear or professional settings, they can be perfect for a wild and adventurous party.

Well-groomed nails make a significant impact on people’s perception. However, many of us unintentionally make mistakes when it comes to nail care. One common mistake is skipping the primer before applying nail polish, which can lead to weak, brittle nails and quick color chipping. Despite being in a rush, don’t forget this crucial step in your nail care routine.

Be cautious of fast-drying products and UV lamps as they can make your nails fragile. Nail-biting is not only embarrassing but also unhygienic, especially when you have polished nails. It’s time to break this habit for good!

Cracked and dry lips can look messy, so it’s essential to exfoliate regularly. Gently massage your lips with a toothbrush to stimulate circulation, then apply lip balm. Use a lip primer before applying lipstick to enhance its longevity. Define your lips with a lip pencil and fill in the color, then top it off with a gloss for a fuller effect. This will leave your lips looking nourished and enhance your femininity.

Ladies, remember to dedicate at least two hours per week to pamper yourself, taking care of your hair, skin, and nails. This self-care routine will make you feel more beautiful and confident. Well-groomed women exude self-assurance and sensuality, leading to success in both professional and personal spheres. Take a look at our gallery for modern and stylish ways to coordinate your manicure with your lips. Prepare to be surprised and inspired – you’re going to love it!


Professionals from the world of make up say that the lipstick is best applied with a brush.


Rhinestones can also be found on the lips. This make up reminiscent of the sea sirens, is not it? It is very luxurious and sophisticated.


The black and white combination of colors is eternal and favored among the members of the tenderer sex. If you like it also, here’s how to use it in make up.

Makeup can look perfect only if it is placed on a well-prepared face. This implies everyday care. Facial care also includes lip care. Never forget about lips.

If your lips are dry and cracked, it does not look nice and attractive. So take care of your lips on time.


The starry sky is not a motive that can be found only on the nails. The lips can also be lubricated in this way.


A lot of gloss and shine always look glamorous and luxurious.


Compared to the previous two, this manicure is a lesser and probably more frequent choice of members of a more beautiful sex.

If you choose pink lipstick and pink nail polish, enrich the whole combination with tinsels.

Ladies simply adore all shades of nude colors, both – and warmer and cooler.

Eternal and to many ladies favorite blue pink combination. Blue has long been present among lipsticks.


Decorate the edges of the lips with tinsels as well as nail tops.


This is a very brave combination. Many ladies will ignore it, because it is not for every day and business, but certainly it is for the glamorous entertainment when you want to attract attention.


The shades used in this make up remind you of the sunset on a beach. I would there brought this make up for example.

Lovers of black and dark blue lipstick can make up to refresh with the motifs of the starry sky.

Gray lipstick is more and more popular among ladies, and this is proven by Instagram’s photos. It does not look bad at all.

Gold color, leopard print, earth tones… A very luxurious, elegant and sophisticated combination.

On the lips you can find the logo of a company or brand, for example. And it does not have to look bad if it is right opportunity and place for it.

For this make up you have to make a lot of effort, but you will definitely not stay unnoticed.


Lips inspired by marble dominate in the world. Marble is no longer popular only in manicure. Frame your lips colored in this way with gold color, for example, or combine with turquoise.


As a few of discrete details can completely change the look of the manicure, so it is with the lips. A few details and your lipstick will get a completely new dimension.

Ombre is very popular in manicure and among hairstyles, and now you can make up your lips in the same way.

Rhinestones that resemble gold particles can be decoration of both, nails and lips.

Cross the cool black color with a line in color of the skin.


Many ladies like to have their nails and mouths in similar colors. However, if you are not a fan of this trend, do not worry about it, you do not have to follow it blindly.


If your top lip thinner yo can to emphasize it, with more effective lipstick like this on the picture.


Lip pencils help in shaping lips and prevent spoilage of lipstick over the edges.


To make your lip grow stronger after you frame lips with a pen, pass with pencile over your entire lips.


The golden color combined with marble looks very luxurious.