30 Captivating Photos Capture the Beautiful Moments of a Mother and Two Breastfeeding Their Children

There are few things as beautiful as a mother breastfeeding her baby. But a mom nursing two kids at a time? That’s a true feat. Juggling two wiggly bodies, getting both to latch on without kicking the other one in the face … yet when it all works out, the peace and tranquility that descends on the threesome is too wonderful for words

That’s why we’ve decided to show photos of moms tandem nursing twins or sibling pairs, and hear the stories behind them through the words of the moms and the photographers who snapped these shots. All we can say is, hats off to your ladies for figuring this out — and showing us how beautiful tandem breastfeeding can be.

Isn’t the story behind #11 so bittersweet?

Image via Ivette Ivens Photography



Jennifer Mason Photography

‘I Looked Forward To This’

“This mama looked forward to tandem nursing her two daughters, who are two years apart,” says photographer Jennifer Mason. “She wanted these photos to commemorate this beautiful time in her life. To this day, they are still some of my favorite images ever.”



Ashley Marston Birth Photography

The Babies Bond With Each Other, Too

“This mom was the first I ever photographed who was nursing both her toddlers,” says photographer Ashley Marston. “What struck me the most was how strong the girls’ bond was. They often looked at each other while nursing and were holding hands. How wonderful!”


Simply Joyful Moments Photography

Three Is Not a Crowd

“This image is one of my very favorites: big brother and baby brother, both snuggled up with their beautiful mother,” says photographer Sarah Jankowski. “It’s a great example that breastfeeding doesn’t have to stop at a year.”


A Double Blessing

“This mom was just so full of joy and happiness with both of her adorable twins nursing and smiling at her,” says photographer Sarah Jankowski. “A double blessing!”


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‘It Isn’t Always Fun’

“This is my second set of nurslings in my six year (five years straight!) breastfeeding journey,” says this mom, photographed by Sabrena Rexing. “Nursing didn’t always come naturally and tandem nursing isn’t always fun. However, I feel like they are only little for a short time and tandem nursing is the easiest, most rewarding way to meet both of their needs.”


‘The Most Natural Thing in the World’

“This was a mother in the military,” says photographer Brynja Sigurdardottir, who grew up in Iceland and is now based in Spokane, Washington. “She was nursing her twins, and told me that this was the  position they were all most comfortable nursing in. I wanted to photograph them feeling comfortable … and they were. What a bond, sisters both nursing together — just beautiful to me.”



‘I Didn’t Want to Waste This Gift’

“I myself had every intention of breastfeeding past infancy, but unfortunately didn’t have the support I needed to continue,” says photographer Kristie Robin. “So I became very interested in why some mothers can/do and others don’t.” That’s how she ended up taking this photo of a mom of two who breastfed for four years continuously. “It felt selfish to stop seeing how much good it was doing and how happy it made them,” explains the mom about her decision. “I also could when others couldn’t, so I didn’t want to waste that gift.”


‘It’s Only Right To Let Them Both Nurse’

“When this mom got pregnant she was still nursing a little one, and when the baby was born these siblings weren’t so far apart in age — so the mom thought it was only right to let them both nurse,” says Sigurdardottir. “I wasn’t able to tandem nurse myself, so that is why I admired her and was happy to capture that.”


Secure in Mom’s Arms

This photo was taken by Jade Beall as part of a motherhood shoot honoring women who nourish their babies by bottle or breast. Says the mom Teresa about her decision to tandem nurse: “I want to give my children security, nourishment and love. Breastfeeding gives them that.”

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Nursing Three!

Nursing two is hard enough, but three? That’s why photographer Ivette Ivens calls this mama a “breastfeeding goddess times three.”




A Final Farewell

“This brave mama had to stop nursing her 2-year-old daughter and her 3-month-old son due to struggles with pulmonary hypertention,” says photographer Tammy Schmit. Nonetheless, she still believes in the benefits of breast milk, so much so that she has successfully collected donor breast milk for the past eight months. “This photo shoot was her farewell to breastfeeding; I think this was actually the very last day she nursed either of them,” says Schmit.



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