30 Shades’ of humor from a baby when mom decides to get creative

30 “Shades’ of humor from a baby when mom decides to get creative

There’s no need to wait for Halloween to show off your costume skills. Many loving mothers, especially those who are staying at home with their children, take advantage of the perfect opportunity to transform their little ones into characters from comic books.

Take this mother, for example. With plenty of free time at home, she came up with the idea of using a watermelon rind to dress up her child. She created a “messy hair” style by placing the watermelon rind on the baby’s head and then captured the moment in photos. The baby seemed to understand the mother’s intention and enthusiastically posed for the camera, creating a memorable and timeless moment.

Okay, let’s take the picture like this, Mom.”

The innocent expression of the baby has captured the hearts of the public. Many people also praised the mother’s creative “garden tree” disguise.

“So adorable! I wish you grow up quickly, my dear,” one commenter said.

“Mom is so free-spirited. I can’t help but love it. Looking so cute, I want to have a child like that,” another person shared.

“The hairstyle of the year, my child. We already have it at home. Let’s make a new one for each of us,” another person expressed.

Below the post, many playful parents also shared images of their children with the miraculous “pomelo” hairdo.