55+ Stunning Almond Nail Designs

Beauty is ephemeral, but the emotions we experience in life, such as soul, love, and joy, are everlasting. In today’s world, women undergo various cosmetic procedures like silicone implants, lip enhancements, tattoos, and facelifts in the pursuit of attractiveness, both for themselves and to appeal to the opposite sex. While some may criticize these practices as going against the natural order, it’s essential not to let the opinions of others dictate our choices. Life is precious, and we should live it to the fullest, surrounded by loved ones and engaging in activities that bring us happiness.

One way to uplift your spirits is by taking care of your nails. With a wide range of options available, beautiful nails can enhance your everyday experiences. After all, everyone appreciates seeing beautiful things. Why settle for neglected and chipped nails when we have the means to beautify them? We live in the 21st century, where opportunities abound. Don’t do it for others; do it for yourself. Let your days become brighter and more colorful. Engage in activities that bring a smile to your face, not because they please your best friend or partner. It’s important to do things that make your own heart flutter with joy.

Living in a fast-paced world, time seems to slip away quickly. We often find ourselves caught up in work, taking care of our children, attending their private classes, and managing household chores. In this chaotic environment, it may be challenging to find time for ourselves every day. However, try to set aside at least two hours a week for self-care. Visit a hairdresser or style your own hair, pamper your nails, and indulge in a relaxing bath with nourishing milk and creams.

There’s nothing more appealing than well-groomed hands. I had a grandmother who always maintained her moderately long and rounded red nails throughout her life. She was both a successful businesswoman and a devoted homemaker. Even as she aged, her hands remained impeccably manicured. Today, with the option of gel nails, we no longer need to repaint them every evening or every second day. Gel manicures can last up to three weeks. Almond nails are always in fashion, as their timeless shape suits all generations. Younger ladies may opt for more pointed nails, while older ones can choose slightly arched nails. The choice is yours; select a style that reflects your current mood and emotions. Personally, I believe that putting on makeup, styling my nails, and dressing up according to my mood is essential. When our body and soul are in harmony, our true radiance shines through.

Remember, life is short, and it’s important to embrace each moment with a smile and surround ourselves with positivity. Take the time to care for yourself, and let your nails reflect your inner beauty. With the right manicure, you can exude confidence and joy, radiating your unique spirit to the world.

Simple, stylish and beautiful. Every other word would be superfluous.

When you get bored of gentle pastel colors, select gray. This color will make your hands look cared.

Another idea for painting nails in black.

These gentle shades will make your hands look young and cared for.

Purple red…

Chic color with which I personally would wear the dress in the same shade.

Simplified. For business woman with style.

For major in school or college.

Soft vamp…

Effective rings and white colors on your nails can look really trendy.

Royal blue color.


For festive occasions, choose this manicure.


Seductive almond nails in such a gentle shades can be worn on any occasion.


Onde nail with interesting pattern whole manicure makes even more beautiful.


For seductress.





Neutral colors and feminine shapes. These nails remind me of India, the sensitive feminine soul, the luxury part

One nail on left and one nail on right hand in a metallic color with shiny rhinestones in the same shade. Other nails are mat in a gentle color that gives a seductive touch of glamor to your look.




Eternity red color, and a red rose as a small but effective detail.






Modern pointy shape in combination with the color of flesh for youthful appearance.




If you have mastered the technique of gelation nails, matte look you’ll give them after the final layer of colorless gel treat nails with buff file. Apply cuticle oil around the nail and with buffer and rub it on the nail. At the end with a buffer on which you put a little alcohol skip the nail to remove the fat from the oil and that’s it.




These nails provide an answer to the question of who’s the boss. The answer is: I’m the boss!



I love when something is shining, but to be honest looking at these pictures more and more I like mat nails. These combined with the zircons really seem royal.



The sky blue color on the nails, and no need for any additional details.



Excellent combination of colors with blue glitter gel nail on the middle and interesting franch on ring finger. It can definitely be combined and with other colors as you like.



If you have a good manicure at a nail on both hands draw different patterns as illustrated. It is always interesting and somehow mystical, doesn’t it?




These nails ANNOUNCE love! Love is the most important, hearts decorate clothes, cakes, book covers, and also can decorate our nails!



For lady with style.



These nails remind me of the universe, galaxy, stars. On something glamorous, gentle, seductive and at the same time extremely modern and daring.



Monochrome nails combine with rings that are worn on the top of the fingers so other details will be superfluous.



Violet is a royal color. It symbolizes power, nobility, ambition. The combination is stable blue color and energetic red. For her binds magic, mystery, dignity. Cleopatra loved the color purple. Richard Wagner composed operas in the room colored purple because this color gave him inspiration.


Wise earthy colors combined with the matt and glossy foil and zircons, if you ask me great for red carpet or the most important party in the city.


They say that the color of nail polish reveals character. Turquoise nails often choose women who are adventurous, full of life and good energy.


Details make life. If you wait big things to happen you just might miss a million little things that can do our everyday magical. So it is with your nails – can you see how these few golden lines give touch of elegance to a simple white nails.


The queen beach in summer, and winter queen in winter. Excellent idea for nails.


Luxury. Gills gold, gold dust and marble are my inspiration for this manicure.


This franch in color is for ten. The brown is warm and more comfortable for my taste than black. Except variant you can see on this image you can be combine brown with purple, green, blue, orange red – just be careful when you combine and (I’m free to say) somewhat conservative.


When I gel nails to my friend or she do gel on mine, very often we choose one color for all nails and on ring finger we sprinkle shine like this in the picture that immediately enriches the simple manicure.


It is so sad to read everyday titles of unrest in the world and so many people forget about the importance of feelings such as love, peace, faithfulness. Use your nails to send a message of love, love is always in, and it should be spread as a contagion. Only in this way will our world be more beautiful place to live. Beautiful message on a white background. White reminds me on peace and tranquility …


Discreet manicure moderate length, and with gold detail just to record that you are sometimes naughty girl and not just a successful businesswoman, mother, housewife …


If you prefer to pain your nails own I recommend OPI nail polish in beautiful shades. They are good for both, natural and artificial nails. This nail polish is durable and strong and contain ingredients that reinforces the structure of the nail.


Fur manicure appeared 2012. Many saw it as impractical but at the same time this manicure acquired and a lot of fans. To do this manicure at home you’ll need nail polish in color you like, flocking powder for nail art in same color, and fan nail art brush. Polish your nails, don’t wait them to dry, on nails sprinkle the flocking powder for nails, and use nail art fan brush to remove powder around the nails. To have longer lasting manicure use rubber gloves while doing physical work.


If you will soon to say fateful yes, I recommend this extravagant but also gentle manicure for that so important day in your life.


Fruity and nutty, sweet, gentle…


Extravagant lady who knows what she wants, but also and what she doesn’t want!


I’m hypnotized but I still like it!



Modern shape and my favorite color. Some wear this on stage and some at a party, at a date, on the job.



I do not know whether I prefer these brilliant details and rhinestones, or the discrete ombre on some nails…



With this nail color, these rings and tattoos you are hindu queen!

Essie nail polishes strive that every woman provides a dose of luxury. There are over 250 shades. Essie Weingarten has made an effort to put as a special ingredient to them her passion for nails and colors. So you choose this nail polish only if you really care about yourself and the message they send.



Professional ombre with a very nice done imperceptible transitions.

Zen nails – bold and interesting.

Mystical black and heavenly white, angel and devil in one manicure..

Daddy’s little princess…


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