Beautiful breastfeeding moments and Experts say we need to breastfeed our babies

Breastfeeding is one of the most intimate experiences between a mother and child, but why do we get so uncomfortable when a woman breastfeeds in public? We have called on an expert, Andiswa Ngqaka from ADSA, to settle this argument once and for all.

Listen to the team talking about the importance of breastfeeding or read the details under the podcast.

It is World Breast Feeding Week, something that should be celebrated. However, it is rather unfortunate how much flak breastfeeding moms get when breastfeeding in public.

Breast milk- Give The Gift Of A Lifetime To Your Baby

It doesn’t matter to some people that breastfeeding is the actual purpose of breasts, or that it’s natural and has incredible benefits for both child and mother.

According to the Associations for Dietetics in South Africa, breastfeeding significantly boosts the health of children and mothers, while saving the family’s income.

Nurturing the Bond: August is National Breastfeeding Month - Premier Family Medical

Many argue the point of privacy and respecting the space of others around you, but what happens if the child is hungry? Does one expect the mom to now compromise the health of their child and resort to formula for when in the public eye?

Should the milk be expressed beforehand? Should there be designated breastfeeding areas or are we being oversensitive and sexualising something that is clearly not sexual?

Nurturing the Bond: Breastfeeding Tips and Advice for New Mothers: Richard Lorenzo, DO: OB-GYN

Andiswa Ngqaka says that South Africa needs to embrace breastfeeding and not look at breasts as a sexual object.

Let us know what you think of breastfeeding in public by commenting below.


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