Capture the funny and extremely adorable moment of the baby boy when he first experiences holding and taking care of his baby, making everyone who watches it burst into laughter.

Having come straight from the source, they remind us of all the beauty, wonder, and joy in the universe

That’s why parents are so overjoyed when they bring children into this world. And that goes for siblings too. At least it goes that’s the case with Ali Retelle’s little boy.

She immediately had to start recording when she saw her son’s reaction to meeting her newborn daughter for the first time. It’s basically one of the most precious things you’ve ever seen.

According to the Mayo Clinic, it’s best to talk to your older child and prepare them for a new child being born. You’ll find lots of tips on how best to do that

Retelle must have prepared her son well judging by his reaction to his new sister. Her video begins with the boy holding his sister on the couch and just staring at her in total awe.

He must think so because his eyes remain locked on her as the sweet little girl wiggles around in his arms. Then she yawns.

If he thought she was cute before, that cuteness has just doubled.

He looks at his dad as if he’s saying, “Are you seeing this?!”

He just can’t believe how incredible she is. Then a little coo escapes her mouth.

He looks up at his parents again, marveling over the sound and everything else she does.

His little face streams tears over how beautiful, precious, and pure she is.“You can talk to her,” his mom tells him.

He prepares himself. Takes a breath and wipes the tears from his eyes

Instead of words that would just fall flat, he lets her know how he really feels and gently hugs her close.

He keeps her there for a bit before letting go and taking a tissue from dad so that he can wipe away his happy tears.


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