Capture the warm, sacred first moments of newborn babies in their first moments of birth and see their lovely new world

These photos are in no particular order just a list of photos that I love! I attended 14 births in the crazy year of 2020 and I am just grateful for everyone I got to attend.

I just love the rawness of this one. The midwife checking vitals, the blood, mom trying to get baby to latch and the baby looks so peaceful!

Mom looking at her new baby in awe, the midwife doing the newborn exam while baby does skin to skin and dad right there in the moment as well.

I just love all the faces here, Dads face as he sees his new baby, the nurses face and the OB who are both so happy!

Looking into his mommas eyes. The chaos of birth is over and the bonding time has just begun, you baby is getting a good look at your face and right on your chest where he can hear your heartbeat that he listened to from inside the womb. So peaceful, so beautiful.

This mom birth on her hands and knees and was being passed her baby right away and I loved seeing that!

So much of this photo that I love. The tear, the hand wrapped around daddy’s finger, so real and raw.

Support. I love seeing all the support around birth. Her epidural stopped working and it was INTENSE. When you are planning a medicated birth this is something you are not prepared for.

Dad catching his baby! This was a first for me to witness and I love the cord wrapped around like a beautiful necklace.

EMOTION. This baby right here is a true miracle and the moment he was safely in his moms hands was so emotional!

I LOVE CORDS, and baby feet of course! I just love ALL the birthy details here.

Moms face, dads face, the emotion. I love it all!

This picture just speaks peace to me. The midwife and the doula holding space and supporting this laboring mother.

I just love getting this shot at births, the baby still attached to the cord and the placenta!

This big guy right here was a whopping 13 pounds 1 oz! And mom was just in disbelief that it was a BOY after having 3 girls!

I just love a good baby shot!

BABY FEET. So perfect, so tiny!

The ring of fire, and the pause as she let her body stretch to avoid tearing right before she welcomed her baby boy into the world!

That first look at your new baby. So real and raw and a wonderful moment to have a photo of. Imaging if you had photos of the moment you first met your partner/spouse!

I just love how there is so much going on in this one photo and all the birth details, the vernix, the cord, baby right on moms chest!

Something just about this moment that I love. Baby was facing the other way and mom asked for him to be turned so she could see his face


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