Capturing the most beautiful moments in the first moment of a baby’s birth is a sacred moment a mother will never forget

“It always amazes me when first-time parents choose a home birth for their baby.Even though it can be quite difficult when you have never experienced labor before to let go and trust your body, many of my clients do it.”

“Words can’t convey the strength of this woman, who gave birth to her perfect baby girl in the OR — just minutes before they could begin her emergency C-section.”

“This first-time mom transferred from our local birth center to the hospital when her blood pressure got too high. It can be so hard to have an abrupt change to your birth plans. When I walked in, I found this amazing woman laughing and smiling.”

“They called me and told me that contractions were picking up. I found them in the bathroom — mom was in the bathtub with a distinct urge to push. I asked the dad, “Do you want to catch your baby?” She ended up pushing for several minutes and the midwife ran through the door just minutes before baby was born.”

“This mom is currently in training to become a home-birth midwife. One of the most moving and empowering things I’ve ever seen was her reach down and lift her own kid.”

“This family gave birth to their sixth baby at home — with their oldest girls watching and offering mom support. The sun was shining, the kids were thrilled to meet their little brother, and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful birth.”

“Her birth was beautiful, from start to finish. The cord on her belly, the baby on her chest, and the relief on her face still blows me away.”


“I had the strongest emotional reaction to this photo. The image of encircling and comforting arms and hands around the new life with the potential for the same encircling and comfort. This photo tells a great story.”

“I don’t have words for this image! This is birth to me — just so much emotion.”

“Surprisingly, women don’t cry after they give birth as much as I thought they would when I first began my career. The crying emotions seem to emerge a little bit later because I believe that so many of us are completely amazed and shocked. I therefore find it exceptional everytime a mother sobs. I adore how this mother’s face is streaming with tears.”


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