Chic Almond Nails: 45 Must-Try Ideas for Every Stylish Lady

Nail colors are important, but so do nail shapes. Everybody has unique fingers. Before getting yourself a manicure, you should know which nail shape can best complement your hand. If you still have doubts about your nail shape, try almond nails. This shape is one of the most popular choices. You can hardly go wrong with it!

Don’t believe us? Then see for yourself. Almond nails go well with both long and short manicures. This shape is versatile and can fit almost all types of hands. Plus, it’s stylish and can never go out of style. You won’t be bored with your nails anytime soon. Here are 45 stunning pictures to prove it.

Scroll down for the 45 prettiest almond nail designs the Internet has to offer. Don’t miss out on this stunning inspo cause you will need it for your future manicure makeover!


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