Chic and Classy: 46 Stunning Nail Designs for Today’s Modern Brides

Want some beautiful wedding nail design ideas for your big day? Then browse through our collection.

You can also go for french nails design for your wedding. Here we have nude nails with white tips and crystals on the ring finger.

White coffin nails with glitter and nail studs.

Long pink stiletto nails

Beautiful cream and nude almond shaped nail design.

Long white nails accessorized with dried flowers.

Cute and short wedding nails

Pretty polka dot nails with flowers.

Ombre and glitter

Here we have beautiful sparkly french nails.

Another classic white nail design.

Soft pink and white ombre nail design.

Neon pink nails with white glitter polish.

Pink nails and sheer nails adorned withdried flowers.

Gorgeous nude and glitter nails.

Here we have sparkly pink nails and ombre nails with nail studs.

Blue almond nails. Two of which are adorned with dried flowers.

Beautiful nail design with hearts