Disabled dog ‘jumps like a little kangaroo’ can’t find a lover

Micro bulldog Latcha was born with a deformity and is unable to use her front legs but is determined to get around by ‘bouncing on her two back legs like a little kangaroo’


Latcha was born without shoulder sockets and surrendered to a rescue centre (

A tiny disabled puppy is determined to live life to the full despite being born with a deformity that stops her from being able to use her front legs.

The 11-month-old micro bulldog is teaching herself to jump around “like a little kangaroo” after being surrendered to specialist rescue Breeds In Need last year.

Disabled puppy who 'jumps like a little kangaroo' cannot find anyone to love her - Mirror Online

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The Lincolnshire team cannot believe the “loving and affectionate” pup hasn’t received a single application of interest and say it’s “heartbreaking” waiting for a family to choose her.

Charity volunteer, Tammie Fox, told The Mirror : “She is such a happy dog and is getting the hang of her wheels.

“Her long legs have to be strapped up so she doesn’t trip over them, but once they’ve been amputated they’ll be no stopping her.”

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Latcha hopes to have the operation to remove her front legs soon, and will then be able to bounce around with more ease.

The miniature bulldog was surrendered to Breeds in Need last October, around the same time foster carer Tammie adopted a paralysed terrier named Pumpkin.

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Tammie helped to give Latcha a “new lease of life” by raising £700 to buy a custom-built wheelchair for the bully.

“It was the first time she’d ever been able to walk,” Tammie recalled.


Disabled dogs Pumpkin and Latcha were surrendered to the charity at the same time (

Despite being wobbly on her wheels at first, the determined pup is now able to run through the park and is building back leg muscle.

At the end of this month, Latcha will turn one years old and the charity’s team are really hoping she will find a home of her own before then.

The “playful” bulldog would ideally like to be the only pet in the house, as she needs constant care and attention.

Breeds in Need are looking to find a home local to Lincolnshire, so they can continue to support her.

Potential adopters would need to be at home full-time, and be active, patient and caring. A family with children would be a bonus.

“Even though she only has two working legs, she is a perfectly healthy and normal dog. She does everything any other dog can do,” Tammie said.

Latcha loves cuddling and playing ball, and “if she could sit on your knee all day, she would”.

The micro dog has been at Breeds in Need for almost six months and hasn’t received a single application, despite numerous efforts to share her story on their social media.

On April 10, Latcha will be taking part in Tammie’s Disability Dog Walk to raise money for Breeds in Need in Lincolnshire.


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