Embrace Tranquility: Experience a Dreamy Mountain Vacation in This Enchanting Mountain Retreat

This home in Leavenworth, Washington is located in Washington’s Cascade Mountains. The home is just a short drive from the Wenatchee River. This Leavenworth cabin is the perfect getaway for outdoor adventurers. The home includes 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms and even a movie theater. You can hike through Lake Wenatchee State Park when you’re not at your vacation rental. You can also ski at Stevens Pass Ski Resort or Leavenworth Ski Hill. Relax in your home and enjoy the hot spa or the stunning views from your deck.

The cabin is spacious and offers easy access to a river and a theater room. The cabin in Leavenworth also offers at-home amenities. The first bedroom has one queen-size bed and the second has one queen-size. A loft contains four twin-sized bunk bed. You will find a hot tub on the deck, a patio, table and a gas grill. The cabin also has hardwood floors and a table with a dining table. The cabin has a fully-equipped kitchen, including a microwave oven, stove/oven, and coffee maker. The cabin is suitable to both children and adults. Winter 4-wheel/AWD is recommended. The driveway is steep and can accommodate two vehicles

The cabin can also be found in Leavenworth Washington. There are many outdoor activities, including Lake Wenatchee State Park (8.2 mi), Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest (15.9 mile), Waterfront Park (15.9 mile), Enchantment Park (16.25 mile), Leavenworth Ski Hill (7.7 mile), Peshastin pinenacles State Park (24.4 mi), Stevens Pass Ski Resort (31 mi) and Icicle Gorge Trailhead 32.0 mi). You can also visit the Upper Valley Museum of Wenatchee River Institute (15.6 mile), Icicle Creek Center for the Arts (19.2mile), Cashmere Museum, Pioneer Village (26.6 mi), Great Northern Railway (47.0 miles). Downtown Leavenworth is located at 15.6 miles. Seattle can be reached within 113 miles and Spokane in 207.

Bavaria is accessible without taking a long-haul flight. You can travel to Leavenworth, Washington’s German town. The town was once known for its timber industry. However, the railroad rerouted the route in the mid-1900s and it faced financial hardships. The entire area was nearly turned into a ghost-town. Thanks to the creativity of the entire community, Leavenworth became a tourist attraction in the 1960s. Every sign and façade was made in Bavarian style and visitors were drawn to festivals such as Oktoberfest or Christmas markets

Enjoy a huge pretzel. There are many options for dining in Leavenworth. It is impossible to visit Germany without trying some German cuisine. There are many places that offer soft, freshly baked pretzels. The Leavenworth Cider House offers the most creative concoctions. They have huge pretzels that can feed four people.


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