Explore 31 adorable Christmas photo concepts featuring babies that are sure to warm your heart.


Your baby’s first Christmas is a milestone you will not want to miss capturing on camera. Whether you’re taking a DIY approach to taking baby Christmas pictures or hiring a professional photographer, getting the best shots possible means getting inspired with some great ideas. With a little inspiration and a bit of preparation, you’ll have the most adorable holiday card out there this year, and the perfect photos to preserve this important memory.

Newborn Baby Christmas Photo Ideas

If you have a newborn during the holiday season, you have tons of options for incredible photos. You can use these to create a birth announcement or simply to document this miraculous time. Staging a newborn Christmas photoshoot is easier than you might think. The key is doing it in the first few weeks of baby’s life when they’re still sleepy. Make sure your little one has a full tummy and a clean diaper, and then take your time making some great photos. You can call in a professional photographer or get some great Christmas baby photos yourself.

Place Baby in a Christmas Wreath

Use holiday branches or decorations to make your newborn Christmas photos really stunning. Simply choose a plain background like a soft blanket, a worn wood floor, or a solid sheet. Then wrap baby in a pretty cloth and place them in the middle of the wreath or decoration. Shoot the photo from above to get the best angle, using a chair or stepladder if you need extra height.

Use Soft White Christmas Lights in the Background

Blurred white Christmas lights make the perfect background for newborn Christmas photos. You can use your tree if it has white lights, or you can hang white lights on a wall and use those. The key is shooting with a large aperture, which lets you blur the background. A professional photographer can do this, or you can do it if you own a camera that allows you to control its settings.

Pose Your Newborn in a Santa Hat

There’s nothing like a Santa hat on the tiniest of babies; it’s festive and funny at the same time. Pose your sleeping newborn in front of any background you like, and then place a Santa hat on their head. For the best photos, get down low and shoot from the same level as your baby. This is a good way to show their face and make the photo feel intimate.

Dress Baby in Cozy Christmas Knits

Newborn Christmas pictures don’t have to be red and green. Branch out from the traditional Christmas colors and use your tree to tie in the holiday theme. Dress baby in cozy knit clothing and place them in a basket beneath or next to the tree. Add plenty of handmade blankets and other warm touches to make this an adorable Christmas image.

Slip Baby Into a Stocking

Newborns are tiny, and you can make the most of their size by slipping your baby into a large Christmas stocking. Make sure you leave their head and arms out, and choose a plain background to show off this sweet pose. Bonus points if you have a stocking with lots of Christmas charm.

Christmas Baby Photoshoot Ideas for at Home

There’s no need to haul your little one to a professional photography studio. You can shoot holiday photos of your baby at home or ask a professional photographer to come to your house. The advantage is that you can set the timetable and keep baby happy in a familiar environment. There are lots of ideas for a home-based baby photo shoot for the holidays.

Show What a Gift Baby Is

You know your baby is a wonderful gift, and you can show everyone on your holiday card list too. This is an adorable photo idea that’s easy to do. Simply choose a large cardboard box and wrap it in colorful Christmas paper. Dress your little one in something simply that matches the paper and place them inside the box. Make sure you can easily see your baby’s face over the top of the box, and then snap lots of photos.

Let Everyone See Those First Christmas PJs

If you have special pajamas for your baby’s first Christmas, you can make them part of your photoshoot. Dress your little one in those cute PJs and pose them on a simple blanket or near the Chritmas tree. Take lots of shots from different angles, especially shooting low to show off your little one’s adorable face.

Document the Tree Decorating With Baby

There’s nothing quite like decorating your Christmas tree with your baby for the first time. All that sparkle and color is sure to get their attention, and you can capture that magic by shooting lots of pictures. While this isn’t necessarily a posed Christmas photo, it can be one of the most meaningful images you take this holiday season. The key is to shoot way more photos than you think you’ll need; you’ll end up with a perfect photo that way.

Show Off Baby’s Favorite Present

Are you giving your baby a special present for Christmas? If you have a big gift like a ride-on toy, a rocking horse, or a doll house, you can take lots of photos of your little one enjoying the special new play thing. This is especially charming if you capture the fun with the Christmas tree in the background.

Get Close and Show That Smile

While a lot of baby Christmas pictures are designed to show all the action and magic of the holiday, you can also get some very close shots. If you have Christmas lights in the photo background and some great, soft window light, you can get adorable photos of your baby’s smile. Get super close so your little one’s face fills most of the picture for an extra great result.

Let Baby Open Some Gifts

If you let your baby open a present before Christmas, you can take photos of their reaction and still have time to share the shots before Christmas. Pick a gift and choose a time when your little one is happy and rested. Then let them rip into that wrapping paper while you shoot.

Wait for Your Little One to Fall Asleep

If your baby is a deep sleeper, you can get some absolutely wonderful photos of them sleeping near the Christmas tree. Dress them in holiday pajamas or a special sweater and wait for them to fall asleep. Then move them to some pretty window light near your tree.

Outline Baby in Lights

This fun baby Christmas photo idea can work for newborns and older babies alike. Simply choose a simple background, such as a fur rug or throw, and lay your little one in the middle. Then create a heart outline out of white Christmas lights and start shooting. For the best results, make sure you do this when there’s plenty of light during the day. That way, the lights won’t be too bright in the photo, and your baby’s adorable face will show up clearly.

Try a Different View

There’s no reason you need to shoot all your baby Christmas pictures the same way. Think about the details you love about your little one, such as their adorable toes or sweet fingers. Then take photos of that body part from an interesting angle, such as straight above. Add some Christmas lights or decorations to give in a holiday feel.

Show the Christmas Morning Light

Babies often wake up early, and you can capture that beautiful morning light on your baby’s face with the Christmas tree in the background. To do this, have your baby in adorable pajamas and get them to sit next to a large window as the sky is just getting light. The window will light your baby’s face, while the tree will add a fun Christmas touch.

Put on That Christmas Sweater

A Christmas sweater can make for a wonderful photo. Whether it’s an adorable or ugly sweater is up to you; your little one will be cute either way. You can have Christmas lights in the background or simply let the sweater be the holiday part of the photo.

Baby Christmas Pictures Ideas to Try Out and About

Christmas is a time of lots of adventures for babies, from getting the Christmas tree to meeting Santa for the first time. Don’t forget your camera so you can capture these moments. They can be perfect for your holiday card.

Capture Baby Meeting Santa

Something adorable is sure to happen when your little one meets Santa for the first time. Get beautiful photos of their interaction so you can show friends and family this special moment. Even if something unexpected happens, like baby crying when they see Santa, you’ll have some wonderful images.

Use Christmas Decorations for a Creative Background

Many cities and towns put up holiday displays with lights and decorations, and these can make a perfect backdrop for outdoor baby Christmas photos. Pick an overcast day or go to see the decorations just before sunset so the light isn’t too bright. Then simply take tons of photos. You’ll be sure to get some you love.

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