Fall in love with the photos of the twins and their young mother, touching the hearts of everyone who sees them


Nicky Byrne’s fans blown away by ‘beautiful’ mum as he shares rare birthday snaps

See Beyonce's Twins First Photo – Beyoncé Shares First Picture of New Babies

It comes hours after Beyonce posted a colourful, flower-filled snap of her posing with Rumi and Sir Carter, similar to the one she posted to announce her pregnancy.

Beyonce confirms birth of twins 'Sir Carter and Rumi' - ABC News

She simply captioned it: “Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today.”

3Beyonce holds Rumi and Sir in the new celebratory pic

Sir and Rumi are younger siblings to Bey and Jay’s daughter Blue Ivy, five, and cousins to Solange Knowles’ son Daniel.

Sir’s unusual “title” name is set to spark a string of copycat monikers from fans expecting their own children.

Meanwhile, fans wanting an inside look at Bey and Jay’s marriage woes need only look at the lyrics to Jay’s new tracks to understand his side of the Lemonade story.


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