Furry Family Ties: Doggos, Kitties, and Piggies Bonding in Love

Doggos, Kitties, and Piggies: A Loving Family of Furry Companions

In a house in England, a friendship appeared between a dog, a cat and 6 piglets. 6 adorable pigs named Chinook, Serge, Frenchie, Biscuit, Nimrod and Manuka, they live with puppy Daisy and cat Hector. What’s more special is that these animals also eat, sleep and play together very affectionately.

See if the puppy and uncle are affectionate

Their owner, Ms. Jane Croft, who lives in Christchurch, Cambridgeshire, England, said her pets are very adorable when they play with each other and they even eat and sleep together.

They even eat together

Jane, 42, said: “They are always playing together, they are wonderful and really adorable, I love cuddling them. Besides, these pigs are also very smart.”

Adorable, huh?

These funny and adorable little pigs are so small that you can put them in your pocket to play with and also to keep them warm. These pigs cost up to 550 pounds (more than 15 million VND).


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