Magical journey of a North American couple in the US: From the days of expecting twins to the unexpected joy of adorable quadruplets, two boys and two girls.

A proud woman from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, was expecting twins, but her belly didn’t stop growing until it was revealed that she was actually carrying quadruplets!

A couple dreamed of having a large family, but their road was long and painful. They already had a little girl but were hoping for more little brothers or sisters for her. They faced tragedies but never lost hope. In 2011, they finally got the news that they were going to be parents to twins. They were shocked when they found out that they were going to have two sets of twins!

Miranda and Josh Crawford, born to parents by professional, tried for years to conceive naturally but were not successful. The two resorted to in vitro fertilization (IVF) and were at the peak of their happiness in 2009 when they became parents of a little girl. But, Miranda suffered a miscarriage, and the path to parenthood was not easy.

The couple resorted to IVF once again, and since the woman was already over 34 years old, the doctors decided that it would be best to transfer two embryos. Fortunately, Miranda got pregnant with twins, but they chose not to confirm how many babies she was carrying. The mother stated, “It was never an option. I left everything in God’s hands.”

Miranda’s pregnancy caused her to develop gestational diabetes, but otherwise, everything went smoothly. She carried the pregnancy to 34 weeks, and all four babies were born healthy. The quadruplets spent three weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit, after which they went home.


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