Magical Wishes: Snow White Sends Good Night Greetings to All

Looking at the sleeping babies in the forest, one feels like being transported to another world, where everything is peaceful, serene, and filled with tranquility. The babies’ soft skin is rosy and smooth as velvet. Their soft hair embraces their small, adorable faces. Their pouty lips are slightly parted as if they are smiling in a sweet dream.

They sleep soundly in their mothers’ warm embrace, sheltered by the cool shade of the trees and the chirping of birds. The gentle sunlight filters through the leaves, painting shimmering streaks on the babies’ faces.

Each gentle, even breath is like a melodious music. The babies’ shy, innocent smiles add to the beauty of the wilderness. Every little gesture, even if unconscious, makes us feel love and appreciation.

Looking at the sleeping babies in the forest, we feel a strange sense of peace and tranquility. All worries and troubles in life seem to disappear. All that is left is serenity, lightness, and boundless happiness.

Each moment of the babies’ deep sleep is a beautiful picture, a precious gift that nature bestows upon humans. We want to keep that moment forever, so that every time we look back, we can feel the peace and warmth in our soul.

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