Pink and purple nails: 65 designs you’ll love

Fancy yourself some pink and purple nails? Oooh cute alert!

Ok, so you know the 2 colors you want to use. That’s great.

But I’m guessing you need some inspiration for color placement, and maybe a few design ideas?

There are so many ways you can go with a 2 color design.

You could do an ombre background for your masterpiece for example. Or you could add gems and/or glitter to your nail art design.

You could do an accent nail, or 2.

Or you could add in a third color like blue or gold for some eyecatching details.

If you’re not exactly sure what you wanna do just yet, don’t worry, because this post is going to help you out with that!

We’ve scoured all the top social feeds to find the best pink and purple designs so you don’t have to.

If its gorgeous, cute, or trending, it’s on this list.

So, whatever your style, you’ll find a pinky purple nail design you’ll love.

It doesn’t matter what nail length you’re currently rocking, we’ve got designs that will work on long and short nails, too.

What are we waiting for? Let’s see some cute pics!

Ombre pink and purple nails


Pink and purple nails design

Pink and purple acrylic nails


Pink blue and purple nails


Light pinky purple abstract nail design with gold leaf

Pink and purple nails short


Pink and purple nails pastel

Pink and purple nails with glitter


Pink, purple, white, and black nail design with hearts


Pink to purple color changing holo nails

Lotus flower nail design in pink and purple with glitter


Light pink and purple nails

Cute pink and purple nails


Hello kitty long purple nails with pink details


Ombre tips design with glitter

Neon pink and purple nails


Wavy lines designed on acrylic nails in pink purple and gold

Pink and purple french manicure (with clouds)


Purple and pink nail sticker butterfly design

Pale purple and pink nail design with black hearts and wavy lines


Light purple and subtle pink design with pink glitter


Bright pink and purple nails

Abstract design using pinks and purples


Long purple acrylic nails with pink rose detailing and pink glitter

Pink and purple nails with diamonds


Ombre with large chunky glitter pieces.


Pink and purple nails ombre

Barely there colors with purple flower and silver glitter details.


Chunky glitter circles in pinks and purples.


Vintage look floral design with pressed flowers.

Summer brights nail design with blue pink and purple


Long coffin-shaped nails with large gems, ombre, and glitter.


Subtle thin glitter-edged cuticles design

Simple nail design with dots on short nails


Beautiful marble-effect design for accent nails


Pink nails with a British flag and tips

Teeny tiny polka dot nail design


Plain painted pix and mix design with floral accent nails


Hot pink and purple nails

Wavy lines, glitter, and gems nail design in bright colors


Plain pick and mix nail design in 4 shades


Wavy lines design with a floral accent nail, french tip, and glitter

Stiletto nails with ombre, glitter, and plenty of gems


Bright ombre design with black line detailing


Nail design with glitter, ombre and line work detailing

Wavy lines on a nude background design


Elegant and feminine design with gold leaf on a nude base


Shimmery watercolor/marbled effect design

Minimalist simple straight lines design (easy for beginners)


Light-colored ombre on long coffin nails with colored butterflies


Summer floral nail design with negative space on medium length nails

Elegant and ethereal girly design with stars in very pale colors on rounded nails


Tribal pattern inspired design with intricate pearl gem patterns and colored gems

Stunning glitter design with a tri-color ombre accent nail and lovely bright colors


Wavy lines and hand painted butterflies design for summer nails


Watercolor effect with glitter and ombre pinkies

3 color ombre nail design with white stars and gold glitter details on long round nails


Bright neon colored ombre nail design that’s perfect for summer

Delicate, classy Peachy pink ombre nail design with butterflies encapsulated in a clear base


Nude nails with clear tips and colored glitter inside and outside

Leopard print nail design on ombre background in hot pink


Pale Christmas nail design featuring trees, gifts and snowflakes on an ombre background


Pale, marble effect almond shaped nails with gold glitter

Long elegant coffin shaped nails with gold glitter and ombre effect


Medium length coffin shaped nails with 2 color nail design for winter


Candy pink and lilac nail design on ballerina shaped acrylic nails

Halloween nail art design featuring jewelled spiders, webs and bats set against an ombre background


Mix and match design on older hands with glitter accent nail

Medium length coffin nails with ombre on chubby fingers


Bright and light nail design with holo glitter and gems. Complete with large french tip accent nails


Bright and playful nail art design with a little bright yellow that’s easy to do at home

Bright and funky nail striping tape design with clean lines and triangles


Pastel colors that are perfect for spring with gems and butterflies plus an ombre base


Long nails with glow in the dark skulls, bows. glitter and gems.

Nail sticker nail art design with ombre and glitter, very cute


Triangular nail art design with silver glitter detailing on short nails


Very pale pink and pinky purple design with wavy lines and a touch of coral orange

Toe polish idea – flat painted in alternate colors – simple but effective


Final thoughts and shade matching tips:

That’s it, you have made it to the end of this epic list – congratulations!

You’re eyeballs have now absorbed over 70 stunningly creative pink and purple nail designs, can you believe it?

There are so many different shades of purple and pink to choose from, that the possibilities for purple and pink manicures are literally endless.

So which ones caught your fancy? Personally, right now I’m feeling summer vibes so I’m all about the neon brights.

But maybe pastels or candy colors are more your thing…

I have a few ideas for shade matching that i’d like to shade with you before you go.

First – try to keep the shades similar. So if you’re using a pastel pink, pair it with a pastel purple for instance.

Neon pink or hot pink pairs best with neon or bright purple shades.

Think about the quality of the colors you’re going to combine.

Are they both the same? Like colors always pair best together.

So combine soft colors, muted colors or bold colors for a stunning effect.

Are you bubbling with ideas now? I hope so.

So, will you copy a design you’ve seen here directly?

Or perhaps you’ll mix elements of 2 or 3 different designs from this post to create your own awesome nail art design.

If you made it to the end of this list, I hope that you’re feeling inspired for your next pink and purple manicure.

Whether that’s pink and purple ombre, pink and purple acrylic nails, or pink and purple glitter nails.

Armed with this inspo, you should be able to create your next gorgeous mani at home or get them done at the salon.


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