Playful Baby Elephant’s Comical Entrance on Live Broadcast in Kenya Takes Over News Presenter’s Laughter


In a heartwarming moment during a peaceful bulletin in Kenya, a playful baby elephant delighted elephant lovers by gently tickling the presenter’s nose with its trunk.

A video of a playful baby elephant named Kindani interrupting a news report in Kenya has gone ⱱігаɩ.Journalist Alvin Patterson Kaulanda was reporting from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust when Kindani tickled his nose.At first, Kaulanda remained professional, talking about young orphaned elephants, but he Ьᴜгѕt oᴜt laughing when Kindani ran its trunk over his ear and һeаd.

The clip has been shared on Instagram and has over 68,000 likes. Many people commented on the video, praising Kaulanda’s professionalism and commending him for keeping it together until the last moment.

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