Real Madrid on the cusp of glory: Ancelotti and the art of humility

Real Madrid’s 2023-24 season concluded with their 15th Champions League title in history, as the great Carlo Ancelotti knew how to instill humility.

Carlo Ancelotti, tiến sĩ nông dân và bố già Cúp C1

A Deserved Victory

Real Madrid remains at the pinnacle of European football. The result was entirely deserved, despite the challenges in the first half. Once again, Carlo Ancelotti was the main figure.

This is Carletto’s fifth Champions League title as a coach (seven if you include his time as a player), with two wins at Milan and three with Los Blancos.

No one compares to him. The reason is simple: Ancelotti is a phenomenon, he has experience, and he knows everything about football, even the smallest secrets.

Above all, the coach from a farming background in rural Italy knows how to make himself loved by players, managers, and fans alike.

Ancelotti tiết lộ việc “mắng” học trò trong giờ nghỉ

There is something special about this success because today’s Real Madrid is a team that knows how to fight, never gives up, and approaches every match with courage, determination, and respect for their opponents.

Carletto has instilled these values in an environment that sometimes becomes complacent, believing they are better than others due to past glories.

Here, from young players to veterans, from Vinicius to Toni Kroos, they fight for every ball with a commendable spirit. Vinicius’ Will and Team Spirit

In the first half of the final at Wembley, Borussia Dortmund showed their inexperience in such battles.

Carlo Ancelotti: Tiến sĩ nông dân và 'bố già' Cúp C1 - Báo An Giang Online

There was a counterattack from Dortmund where six players in yellow faced three from Real Madrid. No shot was taken.

Typically, such situations easily lead to goals, but Madrid maintained their position and system well, especially showcasing their composure and mental strength.

Dortmund failed to score when given the chance, so it was fitting to bow to Real Madrid’s power and class. It wasn’t an aesthetically pleasing match, but such demands are difficult in a final. Also, in the first half, Thibaut Courtois, who spent much of the season recovering from injury and only had a few warm-up matches, demonstrated his strength. He kept the team steady when Dortmund had dangerous opportunities.

Carlo Ancelotti reveals the changes he made at half-time which helped Real Madrid win the Champions League... as retiring Toni Kroos hails their 'crazy mentality' | Daily Mail Online

Up front was Vinicius—a strong contender for the 2024 Ballon d’Or. He had engines in his legs: shooting, counterattacking, dribbling, and extremely composed in front of the goal.

In recent years, Vinicius has continuously matured, demonstrating the quality of his work.

The Brazilian player possesses both talent and a rebellious spirit. Carletto has refined these qualities, helping him mature and gain the knowledge needed to become a champion.

Vinicius and his teammates ran tirelessly until the final minutes to regain possession, preventing Dortmund from attacking.

This required strong teamwork, combined with great motivation and a collective playstyle, which the Spaniards surely have. These are key factors for achieving success.

Skill and Humility

Speaking about Carletto is never enough. He continuously surprises everyone after nearly three decades of professional coaching and remains humble despite his success (the only coach to win all five major leagues).