See 45 Beautiful Pictures of Blue Birds and their life in the wild

See 45 Beautiful Pictures of Blue Birds and their life in the wild

Bluebird Eating Mealworms

“My neighbor made me a bluebird house and I was lucky to get a pair right away. I took many pictures of bluebirds, including this beautiful photo of the male enjoying some mealworms I put out for him,” writes Mary DiGiovanni of Hampton, New Jersey. Learn how to attract bluebirds.


Bluebird and Berries

“Our yard is a certified wildlife habitat featuring native plants. Some of the most photogenic birds are frutivores. They eat insects and berries instead of seeds. Native plants support four times as many insects as non-native plants. We have plants with berries every month. We also have bluebird nesting and roosting boxes. In the winter, we supplement their diet with mealworms. This is a female Eastern bluebird in a holly tree, photographed with a Nikon d500 camera,” writes David Sloas. Check out our guide to feeding mealworms to birds.


Watching for Bluebirds

“I have been trying to attract Eastern bluebirds to our yard for three years now, but was unsuccessful because of the sparrows. This spring I had them for one day only, and that is when I photographed this little guy. I’m looking forward to retirement, when I can continuously monitor the boxes and have the bluebirds stay for a while!” says Lilian Cerdeira of Rockville, Maryland. Learn how to keep house sparrows out of bluebird boxes.


Bluebirds and Swallows

“This Eastern bluebird came home to its nesting box only to find out it had been evicted by a tree swallow. It appears like the bluebird is putting on the brakes in the approach to land. The photo was taken at the Middle Creek Wildlife Area in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I used a Nikon D7100 with an 18-300mm lens to capture the action,” says Bobbie Alexander. Here’s how to make a DIY bluebird house.

Juvenile Bluebirds

“Each year, we supply mealworms and fresh water and are privileged to have many visitors and nesting birds. My husband whistles and they come. Yesterday I watched as the 4 juvenile bluebirds drank and bathed together,” says Vicky Stroupe. Check out more super cute photos of baby birds.




Bluebird Habitat

“I love bluebirds but rarely see them in our area, so I created a habitat to encourage their nesting. This year I succeeded and a beautiful pair moved in and stayed. This photo was taken this spring as they first visited,” says Carmen Macuga. Discover the best place for a bluebird house.


Pretty Picture of Bluebirds

“Mountain bluebirds are my favorite birds to photograph. This year I was able to observe them from building a nest to hatching chicks and feeding them. I’ve spend hours taking pictures of bluebirds and watching them. I hope next year they will be back again,” says John Pizniur. Don’t miss the 51 best spring bird photos.





Male Eastern Bluebird

“Mr. Bluebird is ready for his close-up,” says Emily Smith of Blacksburg, Virginia. Don’t miss the best bluebird feeders and feeding tips.



Spreading His Wings

“This was my first opportunity to be so close to a mountain bluebird, and I think they’re beautiful,” says John Pizniur. You’ll also love these simply stunning photos of Northern cardinals.

Perching Bluebird

“I took this picture in my backyard flower bed. The Eastern bluebird was sitting on a special weather vane I received from my husband’s late uncle,” says Christine Ziegler. Don’t miss these incredibly cute chickadee pictures.


Autumn Bluebirds

Roger Givens shared this picture of a male and female Eastern bluebird surrounded by colorful fall leaves. Learn when bluebirds nest and lay eggs.

Female Mountain Bluebird

“The female mountain bluebird is a really pretty bird. I felt like out of all the pictures of bluebirds I took, this one is probably the best looking one of them all. Her body is a pretty grey color with some very vibrant blue and black wings,” says Fox Lowry.

Bluebird in the Garden

Jim Ridley shared this picture of a young bluebird that visited his backyard flower garden. Want to help the bluebirds? Monitor nest boxes!

Snowy Picture of Bluebirds

“I was talking to someone when out of the corner of my eye I noticed something blue. I looked and there were two bluebirds sitting in a small tree right in front of me. Oh my gosh! I couldn’t get my camera fast enough. And then they flew away. So beautiful!” says Joann Firsdon. Psst—we found 15 of the snowiest bird photos ever!



Bluebird on Suet Feeder

“I enjoy feeding the birds and encourage different species to visit our yard. The Eastern bluebirds love eating the dried mealworm suet cakes. They even sit on the railing on the deck waiting their turn. I use a Canon SX530HS camera,” says Nancy Brown. Check out common questions about feeding suet to birds.

Snowy Spring Day

“I took this image in Boulder, Colorado, in the flat plains east of the Rocky Mountains. In the spring, this species moves into the mountains. But when a springtime snow occurs they move back down to the plains for a short period. This was one bird of a flock that were devouring juniper berries. They stayed in the area for several days until the berries were gone,” says Neal Zaun. Learn about western birds and their eastern counterparts.


Bluebird on the Deck

“My husband and I were sitting outside on our back deck, even though it was chilly and overcast. This male bluebird was trying his best to attract a mate. He could lure them in, but they would never stay. We were rooting for him! I took the photo with a Nikon B3500 camera,” says Jo Andrews. We asked the bird experts: Do cardinals mate for life?



Baby Bluebird

“This spring we put up a bluebird house to see if we could attract a young couple interested in raising a family. We were fortunate and and ended up with four healthy young babies in July. We joyfully watched them grow. About 10 days after they had fledged, I captured this wonderful scene of the father feeding his baby  in the backyard. I captured this image with a Canon EOS 7D and a Canon 70-300 L series lens. This shot is so special because we played a part in bringing this sweet little bird into the world!” says Perry Hoag. Meet the best bird dads and learn how they help out around the nest.

Bluebird in Flight

“This Eastern bluebird was so busy hunting for insects to feed his babies, he let me get close enough to get this shot. This is my best picture of bluebirds, and it captures this little guy so well,” says Francis Hoefer. Check out the most beautiful birds in America.

Bluebird on the Farm

“While I was out walking in the cow pasture, this male mountain bluebird perched on a fence. I took this photo with my Nikon D5100 with a 55-300 lens. The female was also close, but up in a tree. Mountain bluebirds are one of my favorite birds. I have seen more than 50 different species on our 930 acre dairy farm. We have swamps, dugouts; creeks, pastures, a small lake, river access and dense forests, so we attract a wide variety of birds,” says Rosalie Brandsma. Next. check out breathtaking photos of mourning doves.


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