Spectacular Beauty: Marveling at a Flock of Rare 7-Color Pheasants in Nature’s Palette

Pheasants are one of the 10 most beautiful birds in the world. When first imported to Vietnam, young pheasants were priced at 5 million VND/bird. Mr. Le Van Dung’s flock of 7 pheasants (Thai Nguyen) is considered a flock of birds with very beautiful and shiny colors.

According to Mr. Dung, this bird is extremely expensive. When first imported, young birds were priced at 5 million VND/bird, and beautiful, mature birds could cost up to 20 million VND/pair.

Red pheasants are extremely fascinated by bird enthusiasts.

If a few years ago, owning this bird was very difficult, now this bird is popular.

However, not everyone dares to spend money to own this bird, because of its expensive price.

The difficulty in breeding pheasants is that they do not know how to incubate. Pheasants lay eggs in other birds’ nests, so the eggs are easily forgotten or even eaten by other species. Therefore, often when hatcheries raising pheasants see the birds lay eggs, they must pick them up immediately and then use an incubator to increase the hatching rate.

Pheasants also have a “bad habit”: they often eat the eggs they just laid.

Currently, this bird can give birth in captivity and the care is not too complicated. In particular, this bird eats very little.

Mr. Tan said that currently, some farms in Vietnam breed and supply to the market to earn very high profits because pheasants are very valuable. This bird was formerly a favorite menu of ancient kings, so the demand for commercial pheasants is very high.

In addition to the beautiful 7-color pheasant above, the most popular types of pheasants today are red pheasants and green pheasants. Usually people who raise pheasants commercially use green or red pheasants, while 7-color pheasants are expensive and quite rare, so they are only kept as pets by birders.

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