Spreading the love of children to everyone through super cute images of babies smiling, showing off their first baby teeth and the mischievousness on their angelic faces.

Here are some cute baby photos with a smile that will melt your heart. Be it the cute baby pics or little baby images with their enticing glance, there are some priceless images that you would want to replicate with your child too.


How Do Smiles Develop in Babies?

The first twelve months after birth will be filled with days when you see your baby grinning and smiling from ear to ear in gradual progression. The first grins will slowly transform into capturing smiles that express pleasure, communication and also a sense of humour. Read to know when babies start smiling and the stages involved:

1. Reflexive Smile (Around 0-6 Weeks)

The first grin generally appears when your baby is asleep. It starts with a twitch, startle, and then the smile. While asleep, the body goes through physiological changes to activate certain reflexes. A smile is one such physical reaction, rather than an emotional one.

2. Responsive Smile (Around 6-8 Weeks)

At this stage, your baby smiles at all things pleasurable- cuddles, voices and faces. It is not an acknowledgement or a social response, but just a reaction to a sensory experience. Your baby still does not know to distinguish between people and things. You could encourage smiles by making noises and expressions they like to respond to. Indulge in conversations to help your baby study your face and gestures. Imitate their expressions and gestures to be mimicked by them.

3. Social Smile (Around 2-3 Months)

Your baby now wants to connect and will smile when he or she sees you, or when you make weird sounds. Your baby will learn that their smiling could get a cheerful response from you. Gurgling, grunting, and strange humming, along with moving their arms and legs are all serious attempts to attract your attention and express themselves. Although they may not smile whenever you want them to, you must consult a paediatrician if your baby has not smiled at all by 12 weeks.

4. Indiscriminating Smile (Around 6 Months)

Babies differ in every aspect of growth, with some babies smiling more than others. At almost 6 months, your baby will most likely be a smiling pro. No matter what, a six-month-old will definitely grin at you.

5. Selective Smile (Around 9 Months)

At this age, your baby starts distinguishing between people and will recognise you distinctly. Strangers may not be welcome, and you may be disappointed when they don’t flash their smile at them. But it is a healthy sign of development. The sense of object permanence is really strong, and a game of peekaboo is sure to perk things up and bring out the best smiles.

6. A Sense of Humour (Around 12 Months)

Your baby has started to develop his/ her language skills and a sense of humour too. Babies laugh at almost everything at this stage; funny noises, funny faces or funny sounds when things drop. They love surprises, so try singing a song or gently lifting them in the air, and your baby will be grinning from ear to ear, finding it all utterly hilarious.


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