The Call of the Wild: Unveiling The Woman Who Ditched Corporate Life For A 13-Year Odyssey Among Elephants In African Wilderness

Sharon Pincott, originally from Queensland, embarked on an extraordinary adventure in 2001, leaving behind her corporate career to dedicate thirteen years of her life to elephant conservation in the Hwange bush.

Her journey was about survival and forming a profound connection with the wild elephants, a bond hailed as one of the most remarkable relationships between humans and wild elephants ever recorded.

In her book, “Elephant Dawn,” Pincott shares her captivating experiences building these deep connections with the majestic creatures.

Despite not considering herself a risk-taker, a personal tragedy propelled her to seize the opportunity to work with elephants.

Arriving in the Hwange bush with no prior training, Pincott spent her initial days establishing friendships, familiarizing herself with the elephants and their families, and adapting to her new environment. Initially intimidated by the massive creatures, she gradually saw them as friends.

Her daily routine revolved around household chores in the early mornings, followed by venturing out in her 4×4 around 10 am to seek out the elephants in the wild, capturing moments with them and documenting their lives.

Using meticulous observation and photography, Pincott documented each elephant’s family lineage, assigning names to each family to facilitate tracking.

Over time, she became so attuned to their unique characteristics that she could recognize them solely by their appearance.

Among the elephants, one named Lady held an extraordinary place in Pincott’s heart. Their bond deepened over the years, with Lady imparting invaluable insights about her species.

Towards the end of her tenure in the Hwange bush, the elephants showed extraordinary trust in Pincott, visiting her door and grumbling-like interactions among family members.

However, Pincott’s time in Zimbabwe had challenges and difficult moments. She faced constant threats and harassment from various quarters, highlighting the ongoing threats faced by both herself and the elephants she dedicated her life to protecting.

After thirteen years, Pincott realized it was time to depart Zimbabwe, likening her experience to living in a turbulent marriage.

Reflecting on her departure, she shares her enduring dedication to the elephants despite her challenges.

Pincott emphasizes the need for elephant conservation, advocating for consumer choices that abstain from supporting the illegal wildlife trade.

By reducing demand for ivory and other elephant products, she believes we can help safeguard the future of these magnificent creatures.

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