The Unconventional Parenting Journey of an American Mother Raising Triplets

“Embracing the trend of having triplets is undeniable, but the most formidable challenge lies in the realm of parenting itself. Every mother, especially those with twins or triplets, finds herself entangled in a ceaseless battle against the opinions of other mothers, each vying to assert their perspectives on childbirth, feeding, and child-rearing.

For young mother Nina Dufrenne, the constant pressure from external sources remains a prominent hurdle. The battleground centers around issues like infant formula and breastfeeding. Despite Nina’s dedication to breastfeeding and undertaking energy-demanding tasks, managing three babies simultaneously, she has repeatedly encountered the insistence that mothers should opt for an all-natural approach to nourishing their children.”

And although different methods of feeding babies are good in their own way, depending on the current situation, Nina wanted to show with this example that it is possible to feed babies completely with breast milk. So she made several TikTok videos on the topic, showing and talking about a typical day, which includes drinking baby coffee and over-pumping. This is impressive and at the same time inspiring. Once again, we can say that in this world for a woman, for a mother, nothing is impossible.

Maternal instincts won, and Nina began irregularly having excess milk for the large babies. As you can see in the TikTok video, this is a daily, hard and tedious job, but it is worth all the effort. And this despite the fact that we always find Nina trying to talk him out of this.

They told the young mother: “If you feed the children with a special therapeutic mixture, they will quickly leave the intensive coffee unit.” But Nina didn’t even consider it as an option. She was determined to feed the child completely alone, although this was the most difficult path.

Babies are born at 29 weeks. The young mother knows that breastfeeding is the best way to connect with the newborn baby, so she has stopped drinking excess milk every day. However, it seems that the woman found was waiting for the moment when she would fail and there simply would not be enough milk for all these children.

“There were many people who doubted my decision, but for half a year I have been feeding my children only with breast milk, and everything seems to be completely wrong,” says Nina.

The young mother especially heard a lot of comments on this topic at the hospital, where she was told: “We have not yet seen mothers successfully breastfeed only tɾiρlets, but you can do it.”

Nina’s videos on TikTok have gained millions of views, and this is great for beautiful women who are expecting two, three or more children.

“When I was pregnant, I had a hard time finding information on how to breastfeed tɾiρlets. And that’s why I want to show other mothers that this is more than real and possible,” says Nina.

“Breastfeeding is not the only possible way to feed and, of course, situations are different. However, if you can breastfeed a baby despite the doubts of the women around you, that is something to be proud of.”

“I had to learn to ignore the negativity that came my way. Sometimes I could have much more milk than my son needed. And the following week, I would hardly be able to get the amount for the flight. And then a stash of homemade excess milk, frozen in the fɾeezeɾ, will certainly come in handy.

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