Warm first birthday: abandoned dog with a strange appearance lives in a new home for the first time and has a very happy birthday

Sasha’s story is a testament to the incredible work done by dedicated animal rescuers like Marie DeMarco. As a special needs cat rescuer and the founder of FURRR 911 (Felines Urgently Rescued, Rehabilitated, and Rehomed), Marie’s focus had always been on caring for sick, injured, or special-needs cats, and even bottle-feeding orphaned kittens. Little did she know that Sasha, a perfectly flawed dog, would find her way into her heart.

From the moment Sasha entered Marie’s care, it was evident that she was a fighter. Overcoming several challenges in her short life, Sasha’s determination and resilience left a profound impact on everyone who met her.


At just 12 weeks old, Sasha celebrated a significant milestone, her 12-week birthday. While most puppies take such occasions for granted, Sasha’s journey had been anything but ordinary. Weighing just over two pounds, this tiny pup had already faced a series of health challenges, including an upper respiratory infection common in puppies with cleft palates.

When Sasha’s condition deteriorated despite antibiotic treatment, Marie became increasingly concerned. Sasha’s health was further complicated by hydrocephalus, adding to the hurdles she had to overcome. However, Marie’s unwavering commitment to Sasha’s well-being led her to seek the guidance of a neurologist.

Following the specialist’s recommendations and adhering to a strict daily regimen of medications, fluids, and tube feedings, Sasha’s remarkable road to recovery began. By her 12-week birthday, this feisty and snuggly pup was back to her cheerful self, defying the odds at every turn.

Describing Sasha as a calm and reserved puppy, Marie acknowledges that Sasha isn’t your typical pup. She enjoys sitting by her foster mom’s side, sometimes even on her foot. Additionally, Sasha has a fondness for cuddling with her feline friends and other rescues, regardless of their size.

Sasha’s journey ahead remains uncertain, but she is surrounded by an abundance of love, dedication, and support. Marie, her foster mom, is likely to become her permanent caregiver. Sasha may face challenges that most puppies never encounter, but she is proving to be a fighter with an unwavering will to live.

Sasha’s journey serves as an inspiration to all who encounter her story. Her congenital defects and medical condition may set her apart, but her determination and resilience make her extraordinary. Sasha’s supporters can follow her progress on Facebook and contribute to her care through the FURRR 911 website.


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