Your Dream Home Awaits: Discover Your Favorite House to Own

This seductive 800 square meter luxury house rises proudly in the middle of an enchanting garden of paradise with its modern design and surprising details. With its elegant white exterior, large glass windows, and aesthetic lines, it amazes people even at first glance.

The house welcomes you with its magnificent courtyard and an impressive entrance hall. From the moment you step in, a warm and inviting atmosphere surrounds you. A spacious hall draws attention with modern artworks adorning the walls and tastefully chosen decorative details. Large windows invite natural light in, while spaces decorated in light and vibrant colors make the interior bright and spacious.

The kitchen of the house is like a kitchen dream that even the chefs would like to be. Equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, luxurious marble countertops, and custom-designed cabinets make cooking a pleasure. The open-plan layout lets you mingle with your guests, while a large island bench and cozy seating area become the heart of the home.

The garden is like a corner of paradise. Filled with stylish design and a variety of plant species, this space offers a stunning view. Lush lawns, tropical vegetation, colorful flowers, and a soothing water feature make the garden a tranquil setting. A large outdoor terrace offers an ideal place for you to have pleasant moments on sunny days.

The house has a total of five bedrooms. The bedrooms, each of which has a unique style, are like a dream with comfortable beds, large wardrobes, and private bathrooms. The master bedroom is particularly eye-catching; Spacious, it opens to a large balcony combined with a sitting area with a fireplace, and has a private spa-style bathroom.

The lower floor of the house is the perfect area to have fun and relax. A cinema room, games room, and gym offer homeowners and guests fun and wellness.

Finally, the garage of the house is not forgotten. The large and well-designed garage provides the opportunity to safely park your cars and other vehicles.

This 800 square meter house of your dreams stands out not only with comfort and luxury but also with the quality of being a warm family home. This place awaits you as a place that opens the doors of a peaceful life where you will collect unforgettable memories with your family and loved ones.

Around the house is a large garden with beautiful views. The garden is covered with lush green grass, decorated with colorful flowers, and full of trees. Lighting that creates a fairy-tale atmosphere allows you to take romantic walks in the garden at night. The garden also includes a dining area for pleasant outdoor dining and a sunbathing area with relaxing sun loungers.

The pool area is one of the most popular spots in the house. While providing a great place to cool off and sunbathe with its large size, it creates a perfect holiday atmosphere with its stylish sun loungers and umbrellas. A stylish pool house next to the pool offers a pleasant space where you can host your guests and host pleasant conversations.

There is also a playground near the house. This park creates a great area where your children can play safely, release their energy and socialize with the neighboring kids.

The security of the house is ensured by state-of-the-art security systems. Thanks to camera monitoring, alarm, and security controls at entry points, the highest level of protection is provided for your calmness and peace.

The location of the house is also very advantageous. Thanks to its location in a peaceful neighborhood surrounded by natural beauties and easy access to the city center and other important points, you can easily meet your every need and request.

This dream house stands out not only with its perfect architecture and luxurious details but also with its feature of being a warm family home and a place where special moments are experienced. Here, you will be able to live a peaceful life, away from the stress of your daily life, while collecting unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

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