40 mesmerizing and realistic natural home birth photos captured by a skillful photographer

40 mesmerizing and realistic natural home birth photos captured by a skillful photographer



Soleil’s birth story is a special one. Her parents, Carlo and Ariatna, were my first repeat clients! Moving from Kentucky only 2 years after opening my business left little room for repeat clients. Soleil’s older sister, Penelope, was my second SWFL birth story. I will never forget driving home under the full moon and feeling absolutely blessed to be photographing birth stories again. It had been a whole year since I was regularly working and I was riding the high. Thirty-three days before Penelope’s second birthday, we welcomed Soleil Andrea! Born at home in Fort Myers on Wednesday, January 29 at 3:09am.

Welcomed by her Mama, Papa, brother Jayden, sister Penelope, Carlo’s mother and Ariatna’s mother and grandmother. Her birth was attended by Dawn Meier LM with Naples Family Birth Center and student midwife, Mikelle Gitchel. Doula care provided by Jennifer Fischer of Caritas Doula Services.


Home Visit – 37 Weeks

The Carmona/Mucciga family has a wonderful IG account @thewizzos where they share vegan meals, fresh juice recipes, essential oil uses and the cutest photos of their family. I highly recommend giving them a follow!

Also, a huge congratulations to Ari for becoming one of the newest plant based chef’s and education specialist at Vibrant Beat!

40 weeks 2 days

Ari had been experiencing contractions that would come and go over the last 2 days. When it was finally time for me to arrive, she was just slipping into labor land. The tub was being topped off and the warm water was calling. Carlo, Jenn and Dawn were by her side.

Not long after being comforted by the water, Ari’s vocalizations became lower as Soleil descended. A position change was requested and Soleil Andrea made her grand entrance on her parent’s bed! Older brother, Jayden, woke up just in time to join the excitement.  Cries of joy erupted from the grandmothers downstairs while Penelope slept in the adjacent bedroom.

The grandmothers couldn’t wait to peek at Soleil! I love the photo showing four generations of women. All eyes on their brand new baby girl as she looks up at her mama.

My heart melted when Carlo reached out to hold Jayden’s hand while cutting Soleil’s umbilical cord.

Jayden snuck a few snuggles in with his Mama and new sister before Penelope woke up. Penny was a little overwhelmed at first, but after a quick snack she was ready to meet her sister! I love the photo of her looking at Jayden after being formally introduced.

While Ari was cleaning off in the bathroom, Carlo sat down and snuggled his baby girl. She was perfectly content in his arms and he was completely smitten.

Thank you so much to the Carmona/Mucciga family for inviting me in to your birth space for the second time! The magic was just as powerful as I remember.

Keep scrolling to see placenta photos!

Student Midwife, Mikelle, is holding her hand inside the amniotic sac. This is where Soleil spent the first few months of her life!

Did you notice how big and blue Soleil’s cord was at birth? Check it out now! Search #waitforwhite on social media to see other images and information on delayed cord clamping.


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