Pretty in Pink:47 Fabulous Nail Art Designs for a Touch of Glamour

Indulge in the feminine charm of pink with our collection of 47 Pink Nail Art Designs. From soft and delicate pastels to bold and vibrant shades, these designs are sure to capture your heart. Whether you prefer subtle elegance or eye-catching statements, there’s a pink nail art idea for every occasion. Let your nails become a canvas for creativity as you explore a wide range of patterns, textures, and embellishments. Whether you’re attending a special event or simply want to add a touch of glamour to your everyday look, these pink nail art designs will elevate your style and make a statement. Get ready to embrace the power of pink and flaunt your nails with confidence and grace.





Tribal designs on a pink matte nail polish. Various other colors are used such as black, yellow and white to contrast the soft pink polish. Gold beads are added on top for accent.

A really cute looking pink nail art design. Using white as base coat, cute pink flowers are drawn on top. Black polish is also used for the stripes as well as the leaves of the flowers.

A wonderful looking pink design. Using white as base coat, lovely details such as pink glitters and beads have been added on top. Bold pink zigzag lines have also been painted on top.

Cute and simple pink polish French tip

Using pink as the base coat and white polish as the French tips. Additional details in black polish are also added.

An adorable looking polka dot inspired pink nail art design. The design also incorporates the color periwinkle with lighter shaded dots to compliment the pink shade.

This pink nail art design comes out as rather chic and strong. Using a clear coat as base color pink lace French tips are added on top with black colored details, black matte polish.

A cotton candy inspired pink nail art design

Predominantly pink, blue polish is also used to compliment the pink color. Gradient styles as well as stripes are also used in the design.

Simple yet elegant looking pink nail art design. A wonderful black ribbon French nail tip has also been added on top of a clear base coat for effect.

Pink flower inspired nail art design. It’s a rather simple yet adorable looking nail art design with beautiful pink flowers on top with leaves in green polish.


An endearing pink nail art design

You can see a variety of combinations such as pink polish in stripes, bursting hearts and flowers.

If you’re a fan of baby pink polishes then this is eye candy for you, baby pink polish in matte with white lace details on top. Pink and white flowers are also placed on top

Set a statement with this hot pink nail art design. Using crumpled foil as the metallic side of the design, hot pink polish is used to intensify the look and give off a vibrant vibe from the design.

Minimum details are sometimes the best. Check out this baby pink design rocking silver metallic polish and beads.

Awesome looking pink nail art design using baby pink matte polish. A lone black nail polish is painted in alternating zigzag lines to simply stand out.

An interesting gradient inspired pink nail art design. Unlike the regular gradient nails the dark to light pink colors are painted on each nail. A small adorable pink flower is then painted on top as accent.

Nice looking gradient pink nail art design. The nail art uses pink, yellow and violet colors for the gradient. A lighter is used for the flower details on top.

Pink nail art design with birds and birdcages. A wonderful looking pink nail art design using black polish for the bird and cage details. Pink is used as the base color and flower details with green leaves.

Beautiful and simple pink nail art design. Using white and light pink as base color, soft pink colors with leaves re painted on top. Silver beds are also added for accent.

Pretty looking pink nail art design in nude color

This design uses nude pink polish as base color topped with silver glitter polish forming v-shapes are painted on top.

Wonderful looking stripes and zigzag pink

Using pink and white as base color, the contrasting colors are painted over the base colors as the stripes and zigzags. Additional silver beads are added on top.

Cute and adorable looking pink nail art design. This nail art design uses pink as base color as well as clear nail polish. A cute heart detail and squiggly lines are painted on top using black nail polish.

A pink themed gradient inspired nail design. Pink and white nail polishes are used to create the gradient with black and white polish on top for the details.

An out of the box pink nail art design. A variety of interesting colors are used for this nail art design with pink and white as the primary base colors. Fun looking designs such as buttons and a flower is also added.

A modern looking pink nail art design. This design uses pink, white and silver glitter polishes for the detail shapes. A silver bead is also added as accent on top.

Matte pink and leopard inspired nail art design. The leopard prints are further painted in silver glitter polish and outlined by black polish too stand out.

A pink nail art design with a summer feels to it. Additional colors such as yellow, orange and green are added to the gradient as well as on the flower details. White polish is used as base coat.

A wonderful looking pink nail art design, Baby pink and salmon pink colors are used as base with black colored details on top forming a rose. White polish is also used for additional details.

This is a very cute looking baby pink nail art design. A darker shade of pink polish is also used as well as black for the horizontal lines across the nails. Pink roses are painted on top with additional gold beads.

Cherry blossom inspired pink nail art design. A pearl colored polish is used as base while branches of the cherry tree are painted in brown. The blossoms themselves are painted in pink and white polish.

Pink nail art design in white French tips. The design also has white abstract shapes added on top as well as roses and leaves.

Simple yet cute looking pink nail art design. The base color used for this design is pink with black polish for the outlines. White and blue colors are used for the flowers.

A very creative and gun looking pink nail art design. The design uses shades of pink in light to dark as well as gold glitter polish, the heart, zigzag and lined effect look great with the color combinations.

Wonderful looking nail art design in melon polish. White polish is used as base as well as the second color for the gradient effect. Silver and white sequins are also added on top plus a heart.

Polka dot and heart themed pink nail art design. Pink and white are used as base colors while black polish is used for the polka dots and details.

Leopard print French tips in pink shade. A very cute looking nail art design that plays on with the color pink. Black polish is also used for shaping the prints.

Pink and violet gradient nail art design. To make the design pop out more, a white nail polish is used to draw over a thick zigzag line across the gradient.

Tribal themes white and pink nail art design. This design uses white and pink as base colors. On top the tribal designs are painted with black polish.

Fun with tribal designs using pink nail polish. The base color of the design is pink while black, white, green and orange are used to paint the details on top.

Beautiful pink gradient nail art design. Always go to the classic clean looking gradient and which will definitely match just about any outfit that you wear.




Leopard print nail art design in hot pink nail polish. Use black polish to detail the leopard prints as well as a darker pink polish for the additional leopard print details.

Elegant baby pink

The matte baby pink color looks classy with the additional bed and flower accent on top.

A gradient inspired pink nail art design. Play with various shades of pink with a gradient base coat. Add zigzag white lines on top for detail.

Very cute and unique pink nail art design. This nail art design uses black polish for the tribal designs as well a gradient theme as base coat.

A wonderful looking gradient nail art design.mix up lavender and pink nail polish to create a gradient. Add silver glitter nail polish on top for more effect.

Simple yet beautiful white and pink mattes polish. Additional pink flowers with blue and yellow accents are also added on top as design.

Colorful pink abstract nail art design. This nail polish design also makes use of the colors yellow, orange and blue that has very pretty contrasts with each other.

Elegant pink nail art design. White and baby pink colors are used for the gradient effect. On top there is various pink carnation roses added for detail.

Pink nail art design with abstract detail on top. Use pink nail polish for base color and add silver metallic polish on top to create the portal details.

Pink and glitter! What better combination? Use pink glitter nail polish along with a white base coat wherein you can easily add glitter pink details on top.

A very candid yet fun looking pink nail art design. Apart from the matte pink polish, white matte color is also used. Additional details such as the Eiffel, doves and a bike in black polish are there as well as pink roses.