Father’s warm, contagious love for his new baby and the new experiences of becoming a father for the first time inspire everyone.


Nothing in this world is more amazing then welcoming a new baby into the world, especially when you happen to be that baby’s father.



Cradled Creations recently captured the most amazing footage of a dad helping bring his son into the world.


Rather than focus her attention on the mother, the photographer decided to take pictures of the happy dad as baby Theodore entered the world.

The results are truly amazing.

The images show the overwhelmed father assist the nurses in delivering the baby, and his face really does paint 1000 words.


After the emotional birth, the father steps back and watches intensely, hoping for a healthy and happy baby.

He gets what he wants, and is reunited with his wife and newborn son, in what is a real heartwarming moment.

The video continues, and baby Theodore is introduced to his big brother, in yet another moment in time for these proud parents.

These are such important memories, which the family will cherish forever.


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