Super cute babies in sea mermaid costumes, super adorable smiles and charisma make viewers love them.

26 Cute Baby Halloween Costumes 2022 — Best Baby Costume, 47% OFF

There are very few things more adorable than tiny babies dressed up in a cute little Halloween costumes. Sure, sweet couple Halloween costumes are charming and matching mother-daughter costumes are forever endearing, but baby Halloween costumes are undeniably the best part of celebrating the spookiest day of the year. Whether you’re trying to put together an elaborate family Halloween costume, looking to make your own homemade kids costume, or just hoping to buy something affordable to keep things simple, these Halloween costumes for newborns, infants, and toddlers are all winners.

Even if your little one is too small for trick-or-treating or can’t eat candy just yet, they can still put on a costume and join in on family-friendly Halloween fun. Plus, the photos you’re bound to take of your tiny ghoul or goblin all decked out in their Halloween garb are going to help you remember their first, second, or third Halloween for years to come — even if they take off their Halloween costume 10 minutes into that annual Halloween party.



So with all that in mind, here are some Halloween costume ideas that your little one will love as much as you do.



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